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Obhiya is a Technology Company that connects you to the all-city retailers, to shop, to pick up, to delivered products right at your doorstep. Your daily requirement, the last-minute gifts you purchase, or even given surprise someone- Obhiya gets it all delivered.

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About Logo
About Obhiya

Empowering retailers

To help small and large retailers grow with the technology in your city.

Unorganised to organise

Bridge the gap between the unorganised to organise, with the help of world class technology, Network, Knowledge & more.

Our Values:

1. We believe our city retail partners, our third party delivery      partners, and our users to give the best services.

2. Improve the sales, Profit and productivity of retailers.


Our attributes to have happy customers

Nearby stores

We are here to help you in providing the nearby store to order your needs.

Hassle Free Delivery System

Self delivery system, Delivery by partners.

Analytical Reports

This feature allows the service providers to analyse the complete records of the sales and earning details and helps in making new strategies for your business.


Allows you to manage customer payments and transaction history.

Pocket-friendly for Vendor

Many things are available at affordable price.

Real-Time messaging service

Allows you to communicate with ease.

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Available for all major mobile and desktop platforms.

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